Endowed Scholarship for IOAT (Strake Foundation)

For US military veterans of the Iraq or Afghanistan conflict, or spouse or child of a post 9/11 veteran

To Be Determined
Supplemental Questions
  1. I am:
  2. To qualify for this award, a minimum enrollment of 14 hours per semester is required. Do you intend on taking at least 14 credit hours per semester?
  3. Please submit an essay answering ONE of the following questions: (1) If you are currently receiving GI Bill benefits that fully cover your tuition, how will this scholarship help you in your academic career? (2) If you do NOT currently receive GI Bill benefits that fully cover your tuition, describe a UST related accomplishment that sets you apart from your veteran peers?
  4. Please upload DD-214
  5. If you are the child of a veteran, please upload a copy of your birth certificate: