CARES Act / Celt Care Hardship Disaster Award II

This application is only for enrolled students who previously received an award through Celt Care. This Celt Care Hardship / Disaster Award II is for students enrolled in summer sessions applying for a second disbursement of Celt Care or CARES Act funding. Students who have not previously applied or received a Celt Care / CARES Act award should complete the original application.

An additional summer disbursement will be considered to cover COVID-19 related hardships such as the following:
*Laptops and internet access to those students who will not otherwise be able to complete their summer coursework.
*Immediate support for students facing housing challenges or food insecurity.
*Resources for students who need medical and mental health services.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you enrolled in summer courses at UST? (Students must be enrolled to receive a disbursement).
  2. Did you receive a SPRING Celt Care / CARES Act disbursement from your initial application? If not, please first apply to Celt Care Hardship / Disaster Award that requires you to upload a statement.
  3. Please let us know why you are applying for a hardship award.
    • Check all that apply. If you select "other" please explain in your statement.
  4. Briefly describe how you used your SPRING Celt Care / CARES Act disbursement of funds - not other scholarships or financial aid. If you did not receive a spring disbursement from Celt Care / CARES do not complete this application; complete the first Celt Care Hardship / Disaster Award where you submit a written statement.